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Inch Needle Roller Bearing Professional Manufacturer Factory (CYR-1-7/8-S/CCYR-1-7/8-S/CYR-2/CYR-2-S/CYR-2-1/4/CYR-2-1/4-S/CYR-2-1/2/CYR-2-1/2-S/CYR-2-3/4)
Inch Track Rollers and Cam Follower Bearing of Professional Manufacturer

Neddle roller bearing of all kinds are our main product and our advantag
CYR-3/4/CYR-3/4-S/CCYR-3/4-S/CYR-7/8/CYR-7/8-S/CCYR-7/8-S/CYR-1/CYR-1-S /CCYR-1-S /CYR-1-1/8/CYR-1-1/8-S/CCYR-1-1/8-S/CYR-1-1/4/CYR-1-1/4-S/CCYR-1-1/4-S/CYR-1-3/8/CYR-1-3/8-S/CCYR-1-3/8-S/CYR-1-1/2/CYR-1-1/2-S/CCYR-1-1/2-S /CYR-1-5/8/CYR-1-5/8-S/CCYR-1-5/8-S/CYR-1-3/4/CYR-1-3/4-S/CCYR-1-3/4-S/CYR-1-7/8/CYR-1-7/8-S/CCYR-1-7/8-S/CYR-2/CYR-2-S/CYR-2-1/4/CYR-2-1/4-S/CYR-2-1/2/CYR-2-1/2-S/CYR-2-3/4/CYR-2-3/4-S/CYR-3/CYR-3-S/CYR-3-1/4/CYR-3-1/4-S

CCF- 1/2 -SB CCF- 5/8 -SB CCF- 3/4 -SB CCF- 7/8 -SB
CCF-1-SB CCF-1 1/8 -SB CCF-1 1/4 -SB CCF-1 3/8 -SB
CCF-1 1/2 -SB CCF-1 5/8 -SB CCF-1 3/4 -SB CCF-1 7/8 -SB
CCF-2-SB CCF-2 1/4 -SB CCF-2 1/2 -SB CCF-2 3/4 -SB
CCF-3-SB CCF-3 1/4 -SB CCF-3 1/2 -SB CCF-4-SB

CCFE- 1/2 -SB CCFE- 5/8 -SB CCFE- 3/4 -SB CCFE- 7/8 -SB
CCFE-1-SB CCFE-1 1/8 -SB CCFE-1 1/4 -SB CCFE-1 3/8 -SB
CCFE-1 1/2 -SB CCFE-1 5/8 -SB CCFE-1 3/4 -SB CCFE-1 7/8 -SB
CCFE-2-SB CCFE-2 1/4 -SB CCFE-2 1/2 -SB CCFE-2 3/4 -SB
CCFE-3-SB CCFE-3 1/4 -SB CCFE-3 1/2 -SB CCFE-4-SB

CCFH- 1/2 -SB CCFH- 5/8 -SB CCFH- 3/4 -SB CCFH- 7/8 -SB
CCFH-1-SB CCFH-1 1/8 -SB CCFH-1 1/4 -SB CCFH-1 3/8 -SB
CCFH-1 1/2 -SB CCFH-1 5/8 -2B CCFH-1 3/4 -SB CCFH-1 7/8 -SB
CCFH-2-SB CCFH-2 1/4 -SB CCFH-2 1/2 -SB CCFH-2 3/4 -SB
CCFH-3-SB CCFH-3 1/4 -SB CCFH-3 1/2 -SB CCFH-4-SB

CCYR- 3/4 -S CCYR- 7/8 -S CCYR-1-S CCYR-1 1/8 -S
CCYR-1 1/4 -S CCYR-1 3/8 -S CCYR-1 1/2 -S CCYR-1 5/8 -S
CCYR-1 3/4 -S CCYR-1 7/8 -S CCYR-2-S CCYR-2 1/4 -S
CCYR-2 1/2 -S CCYR-2 3/4 -S CCYR-3-S CCYR-3 1/4 -S
CCYR-3 1/2 -S CCYR-4-S CCYR-5-S CCYR-6-S
CF-1/2-SB CF- 5/8 -SB CF- 3/4 -SB CF- 7/8 -SB
CF-1-SB CF-1 1/8 -SB CF-1 1/4 -SB CF-1 3/8 -SB
CF-1 1/2 -SB CF-1 5/8 -SB CF-1 3/4 -SB CF-1 7/8 -SB
CF-2-SB CF-2 1/4 -SB CF-2 1/2 -SB CF-2 3/4 -SB
CF-3-SB CF-3 1/4 -SB CF-3 1/2 -SB CF-4-SB
CFE- 1/2 -SB CFE- 5/8 -SB CFE- 3/4 -SB CFE- 7/8 -SB
CFE-1-SB CFE-1 1/8 -SB CFE-1 1/4 -SB CFE-1 3/8 -SB
CFE-1 1/2 -SB CFE-1 5/8 -SB CFE-1 3/4 -SB CFE-1 7/8 -SB
CFE-2-SB CFE-2 1/4 -SB CFE-2 1/2 -SB CFE-2 3/4 -SB
CFE-3-SB CFE-3 1/4 -SB CFE-3 1/2 -SB CFE-4-SB

CFH- 1/2 -SB CFH- 5/8 -SB CFH- 3/4 -SB CFH- 7/8 -SB
CFH-1-SB CFH-1 1/8 -SB CFH-1 1/4 -SB CFH-1 3/8 -SB
CFH-1 1/2 -SB CFH-1 5/8 -SB CFH-1 3/4 -SB CFH-1 7/8 -SB
CFH-2-SB CFH-2 1/4 -SB CFH-2 1/2 -SB CFH-2 3/4 -SB
CFH-3-SB CFH-3 1/4 -SB CFH-3 1/2 -SB CFH-4-SB

CYR- 3/4 -S CYR- 7/8 -S CYR-1-S CYR-1 1/8 -S
CYR-1 1/4 -S CYR-1 3/8 -S CYR-1 1/2 -S CYR-1 5/8 -S
CYR-1 3/4 -S CYR-1 7/8 -S CYR-2-S CYR-2 1/4 -S
CYR-2 1/2 -S CYR-2 3/4 -S CYR-3-S CYR-3 1/4 -S
CYR-3 1/2 -S CYR-4-S CYR-5-S CYR-6-S

MCF-35 S MCF-40 S MCF-47 S MCF-52 S
MCF-62 S MCF-72 S MCF-80 S MCF-85 S
MCF-90 S




MR-10-N MR-10 MR-12-N MR-12
MR-14-N MR-14 MR-16-N MR-16
MR-18-N MR-18 MR-20-N MR-20
MR-22-N MR-22 MR-24-N MR-24
MR-24 MR-26-N MR-26 MR-28-N
MR-28 MR-28 MR-30 MR-31
MR-32-N MR-32 MR-32 MR-36-N
MR-36 MR-36 MR-40-N MR-40
MR-40 MR-44-N MR-44 MR-44
MR-48-N MR-48 MR-48 MR-48
MR-52 MR-56-N MR-56 MR-56
MR-56 MR-60 MR-60 MR-64
MR-64 MR-68 MR-72 MR-80
MR-88-N MR-88 MR-96-N MR-96
MR-104-N MR-104 MR-116 MR-124
MR-132 MR-140 MR-148

CCF-3/4-SB CF-1/2 CCFH-3/4-S CCF-11/16-SB CF-4
CF-1-SB CFH-1/2 CCF-7/8-SB CFE-11/16-SB CF-4-B
CF-1/2-SB CF-1/2-B CF-7/8-SB CCFE-11/16-SB CF-4-S
CF-1 1/2-SB CF-1/2-S CF-7/8-S CFH-11/16-SB CF-4-SB
CCYR-1 3/4-S CCF-1/2-S CCF-7/8-S CCFH-11/16-SB CCF-4-S
CCYR-1 5/8-S CFH-1/2-S CFH-2-SB CF-3/4 CCF-4-SB
CFE-2-SB CCFH-1/2-S CFH-2-S CF-3/4-B CFE-4-SB
CYR-3/4S CF-1/2-SB CFH-2 CF-3/4-S CCFE-4-SB
CYR-1-S CCF-1/2-SB CCFH-2-S CF-3/4-SB CFH-4
CYR-5 CFE-1/2-SB CCFH-2-SB CCF-3/4-S CFH-4-S
CYR-5-S CCFE-1/2-SB CFH-2-1/4-S CCF-3/4-SB CFH-4-SB
CCYR-5-S CFH-1/2-SB CCFH-2-1/4-S CFE-3/4-SB CCFH-4-S
CF-3/4 CCFH-1/2-SB CFH-2-1/2-S CCFE-3/4-SB CCFH-4-SB
CF-3/4-B CF-5/8-N CFH-2-1/2-SB CFH-3/4 CYR-4-S
CF-3/4-S CF-5/8-NB CYR-3/4 CFH-3/4-S CCYR-4-S
CF-3/4-SB CF-5/8-NSB CF-1/2-N CFH-3/4-SB CF-5-SB
CCF-3/4-S CF-5/8-NS CF-1/2-NB CCFH-3/4-S CCF-5-SB
CCF-3/4-SB CCF-5/8-NS CF-3-1/4-SB CCFH-3/4-SB CFH-5-SB
CF-1/2-B CCF-5/8-NSB CCF-3-1/4-S CYR-3/4 CCFH-5-SB
CFH-3/4-SB CF-5/8 CCF-3-1/4-SB CYR-3/4-S CCYR-5-S
CF-1/2-NS CFH-5/8 CFE-3-1/4-SB CCYR-3/4-S CF-6-SB
CF-1/2-SB CF-5/8-B CCFE-3-1/4-SB CF-7/8 CCF-6-SB
CF-1/2-NSB CF-5/8-S CFH-3-1/4 CF-7/8-B CFH-6-SB
CCF-1/2-NS CCF-5/8-S CFH-3-1/4-S CF-7/8-S CCFH-6-SB
CCF-1/2-NSB CFH-5/8-S CFH-3-1/4-SB CF-7/8-SB CYR-6-S
CFH-1-3/4-S CCFH-5/8-S CCFH-3-1/4-S CCF-7/8-S CCYR-6-S
CCFH-1-3/4-S CF-5/8-SB CCFH-3-1/4-SB CCF-7/8-SB CCF-9/16-SB
CCFH-1-3/4-SB CCF-5/8-SB CYR-3-1/4 CFE-7/8-SB CYR-7-S
CFH-1-3/4-SB CFE-5/8-SB CYR-3-1/4-S CCFE-7/8-SB CFH-7-SB
CF-1/2-S CCFE-5/8-SB CCYR-3-1/4-S CFH-7/8 CF-3-1/4-S
CFH-1-3/4 CFH-5/8-SB CF-3-1/2 CFH-7/8-S CCFH-3-1/2-SB
CFH-1-5/8-S CCFH-5/8-SB CF-3-1/2-S CFH-7/8-SB CCFH-1-1/2-SB
CFH-1-5/8-SB CF-11/16 CF-3-1/2-B CCFH-7/8-S CFH-3-1/2-S
CFH-1-5/8-SB CFH-11/16 CF-3-1/2-SB CCFH-7/8-SB CFH-3-1/2-SB
CCFH-1-5/8-S CF-11/16-B CCF-3-1/2-S CYR-7/8 CCFH-3-1/2-S
CCFH-1-5/8-SB CF-11/16-S CCF-3-1/2-SB CYR-7/8-S CF-11/16-SB
CCFH-1-1/2-S CCF-11/16-S CFE-3-1/2-SB CCYR-7/8-S CYR-3-1/2
CFH-1-1/2-S CFH-11/16-S CCFE-3-1/2-SB CF-3-1/4 CCYR-3-1/2-S
CFH-1-1/2 CCFH-11/16-S CFH-3-1/2 CF-3-1/4-B CFH-1-5/8

Cam follower roller bearing structure: 

Precision P0,p6,p5
Tolerance grade GB/T307.1-205
Greese/Oil As you requirement, such as SRL ,PS2, Alvania R12 and so on
Quality standard ISO 9001:2008 standard
      features long life with high quality
low noise with strict controlling of bearing quality
high load by the advanced high-technical design
competitive price
OEM service to meet your requirements
international standard .first- class in china
manufacture process We have complete process for the production and quality assurance to make sure our products can meet your requirement.
2.Windage test
4.Rotary test
5.Greasing and gland
6.Noise inspection
7.Appearance inspection
8.Rust prevention
9.Product packaging
sample available
Delivery Date As soon as possible for your requirement
Payment Term A: 30% T/T in Advance, 70% T/T Against Copy Of B/L
      30% T/T in adwance, 70% T/T before delivery
  B: 100% L/C At Sight
  C:  100%  Western Union   or Paypal in advance.(specially for air shipment or small amount)
Brand ZHH or OEM,etc.
Packaging Details: 1.Neutral packing(neutral plastic bag+neutral tan box+neutral carton+Plywood pallets 2.Color box packing(plastic bag+color box+carton)+Plywood pallets 3.As the clients’ requirement
shipping 1) Less than 45 KGS, we will send by express. ( Door to Door, Convenient )
2) Between 45 – 200 KGS, we will send by air transport. ( Fastest and safest,  )
3) More than 200 KGS, we will send by sea. ( Cheapest )
port of shippment by sea ZheJiang .HangZhou. HangZhou

       Product quality standards are guaranteed. Our products have got ISO 9001 & CE international quality management system. They all produced with best advanced technology.We are proactive and we offer only products complying with top standards of quality and warranty. /* March 10, 2571 17:59:20 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

Rolling Body: Roller Bearings
The Number of Rows: Double
Outer Dimension: Small (28-55mm)
Material: Bearing Steel
Spherical: Non-Aligning Bearings
Load Direction: Thrust Bearing
US$ 2/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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track bearing

How does proper installation and alignment impact the performance and longevity of track bearings?

Proper installation and alignment play a critical role in the performance and longevity of track bearings. Correct installation ensures that the bearings are positioned and secured accurately, while proper alignment ensures that the load is distributed evenly and the bearings operate smoothly. Here’s an explanation of how proper installation and alignment impact the performance and longevity of track bearings:

Installation Impact:

  • Load Distribution: Proper installation ensures that the track bearings are aligned and positioned correctly, allowing for even load distribution. When bearings are installed incorrectly, the load may be unevenly distributed, leading to excessive wear on certain parts of the bearings and reduced overall performance.
  • Stability and Rigidity: Accurate installation provides stability and rigidity to the track bearings. Properly secured bearings minimize the risk of movement or vibration during operation, which can cause additional stress, premature wear, and potential damage to the bearings and surrounding components.
  • Reduction of Misalignment: Correct installation minimizes the chances of misalignment between the track bearings and the track or guide rails. Misalignment can lead to uneven loading, increased friction, and accelerated wear and tear on the bearings. Proper alignment reduces these issues, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
  • Prevention of Contamination: During installation, it is important to take precautions to prevent contamination of the track bearings. Proper handling techniques, cleanliness, and the use of appropriate tools or protective measures help avoid introducing dirt, dust, or debris that can compromise the bearing’s performance and longevity.

Alignment Impact:

  • Reduced Friction and Wear: Proper alignment of track bearings helps minimize friction and wear. When bearings are misaligned, excessive forces and irregular motion can occur, leading to increased friction and accelerated wear. Proper alignment ensures that the bearings operate within their intended design parameters, reducing friction and promoting longevity.
  • Optimal Load Distribution: Correct alignment ensures that the load is distributed evenly across the track bearings. This prevents excessive stress on specific areas of the bearings, reducing the risk of premature failure and extending their service life. Optimal load distribution also contributes to smoother operation and improved overall performance.
  • Minimized Noise and Vibration: Proper alignment helps minimize noise and vibration during operation. Misaligned track bearings can result in irregular motion, leading to unwanted noise and vibration that can affect the performance, comfort, and efficiency of the machinery or equipment. Proper alignment promotes smoother and quieter operation.
  • Improved Efficiency: When track bearings are correctly aligned, the machinery or equipment experiences reduced resistance and improved efficiency. Misalignment can result in energy losses, increased power consumption, and decreased overall efficiency. Proper alignment ensures optimal power transfer and minimizes energy wastage.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for the specific track bearings being installed. Proper installation techniques, including accurate positioning, secure fastening, and appropriate alignment, contribute to the optimal performance, reliability, and longevity of track bearings in various applications.

track bearing

What innovations or advancements have been made in track bearing technology?

Track bearing technology has seen several innovations and advancements over the years, driven by the need for improved performance, increased reliability, and enhanced functionality. Here are some notable innovations in track bearing technology:

  • Advanced Materials: The development of new materials has significantly improved the performance and longevity of track bearings. Materials such as ceramic, hybrid ceramics, and high-performance steels offer enhanced strength, corrosion resistance, and temperature stability, making them suitable for demanding applications.
  • Improved Sealing Solutions: Sealing technology has advanced to provide better protection against contaminants, moisture, and other environmental factors. Innovative seal designs and materials, including labyrinth seals, triple lip seals, and specialized coatings, help keep track bearings clean and extend their service life.
  • Enhanced Lubrication: Lubrication plays a crucial role in the performance and lifespan of track bearings. Advancements in lubrication technology, such as the development of high-performance greases and solid lubricants, have improved the efficiency, reliability, and maintenance requirements of track bearings.
  • Integrated Sensor Systems: Track bearings can now incorporate integrated sensor systems to monitor various parameters such as temperature, vibration, and load. These sensors provide real-time data on bearing health and performance, enabling predictive maintenance strategies and early detection of potential issues.
  • Smart Bearing Technology: Smart bearing technology combines sensor systems with advanced data analytics and connectivity capabilities. These bearings can communicate wirelessly with monitoring systems, enabling remote monitoring, condition-based maintenance, and optimization of operational parameters for improved performance and efficiency.
  • Design Optimization: Computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) tools have revolutionized the design process for track bearings. These tools allow for precise modeling, simulation, and optimization of bearing geometries, materials, and load capacities, resulting in improved performance, reduced weight, and enhanced reliability.
  • Application-Specific Customization: With advancements in manufacturing processes, track bearings can now be customized to meet the specific requirements of different applications. Manufacturers can tailor bearing designs, materials, and coatings to optimize performance, reliability, and compatibility with unique operating conditions.

These innovations and advancements in track bearing technology have collectively contributed to improved performance, extended service life, and enhanced functionality in a wide range of industries and applications. They continue to drive progress in the field, enabling track bearings to meet the evolving demands of modern industrial systems.

track bearing

How do track bearings contribute to smooth and precise motion in machinery and equipment?

Track bearings play a crucial role in enabling smooth and precise motion in machinery and equipment. They provide support and guidance for moving components, allowing them to move along tracks or guide rails with minimal friction and accurate positioning. Let’s explore how track bearings contribute to smooth and precise motion:

  • Reduced Friction: Track bearings are designed to minimize friction between the rolling elements (such as balls or rollers) and the raceways (inner and outer rings). By reducing friction, track bearings help to minimize energy losses, prevent excessive heat generation, and extend the lifespan of the bearing and other components in the system. Low friction enables smoother and more efficient motion, resulting in improved overall performance.
  • Accuracy and Precision: Track bearings are manufactured to precise tolerances, ensuring consistent dimensions and smooth surfaces. This precision contributes to accurate and repeatable positioning of the moving components along the track or guide rail. It allows machinery and equipment to achieve the desired motion with minimal deviation or backlash, enabling precise control and operation.
  • Load Distribution: Track bearings are designed to distribute loads evenly across the rolling elements and raceways. This load distribution helps prevent localized stress concentrations and ensures that the applied loads are shared by multiple contact points. By distributing the loads effectively, track bearings enhance the stability and integrity of the moving components, reducing the risk of premature wear or failure.
  • Guidance and Alignment: Track bearings provide guidance and alignment for the moving components. They help maintain the desired orientation and position of the components along the track or guide rail, preventing misalignment and unwanted movements. This guidance ensures smooth and precise motion, minimizing vibrations, noise, and the risk of component damage or malfunction.
  • Shock and Impact Absorption: Track bearings are designed to absorb shocks and impacts that may occur during operation. They help cushion the effects of sudden loads or vibrations, protecting the moving components and reducing the transmission of these forces to the rest of the machinery or equipment. This shock absorption capability contributes to smoother and more stable motion, enhancing overall performance and reliability.

By incorporating high-quality track bearings into machinery and equipment, engineers can achieve smooth and precise motion, improving the efficiency, accuracy, and longevity of the system. Proper selection, installation, and maintenance of track bearings are essential to ensure optimal performance and to minimize the risk of issues such as excessive wear, misalignment, or loss of motion control.

China manufacturer CZPT Inch Bore Sealed Yoke Roller Beairng CZPT Track Roller Bearing   supplierChina manufacturer CZPT Inch Bore Sealed Yoke Roller Beairng CZPT Track Roller Bearing   supplier
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