Track bearings for motorcycles

Track Bearings for Motorcycles

Track bearings play a crucial role in the smooth operation and performance of motorcycles. Designed to withstand the demanding conditions of off-road riding, track bearings provide stability, durability, and precise motion control. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of track bearings for motorcycles and their importance in enhancing the overall riding experience.

1. Understanding Track Bearings

Track bearings, also known as track rollers or cam followers, are specialized bearings used in motorcycle track systems. They are designed to support the weight of the motorcycle and provide smooth rolling motion on the track surface. Track bearings consist of an outer ring, an inner ring, rolling elements, and a cage or separator to maintain proper spacing of the rolling elements.

2. Types of Track Bearings

There are different types of track bearings available for motorcycles, each with its own unique features and advantages:

2.1 Needle Roller Bearings

Needle roller bearings are compact and lightweight bearings that offer high load-carrying capacity and low friction. They are ideal for applications where space is limited and high radial load capacity is required. Needle roller track bearings provide excellent shock absorption and are commonly used in motorcycle suspension systems.

2.2 Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are versatile and can accommodate both radial and axial loads. They consist of steel balls that roll between two rings, reducing friction and enabling smooth movement. Ball track bearings are widely used in motorcycle wheels and other rotating parts.

2.3 Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings have conical rollers and are capable of handling both radial and axial loads. They provide high stiffness and are commonly used in motorcycle steering systems and wheel hubs.

3. Importance of Quality Track Bearings

Using high-quality track bearings is crucial for the optimal performance and safety of motorcycles. Here are some key reasons why quality track bearings matter:

3.1 Durability and Reliability

Poor quality track bearings are prone to premature wear, leading to decreased performance and potential failure. High-quality track bearings are designed to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring durability and long service life.

3.2 Enhanced Performance

Quality track bearings contribute to smooth and precise motion control, allowing motorcycles to navigate challenging terrains with ease. They minimize friction, reduce energy loss, and provide improved handling and stability.

3.3 Safety and Stability

Track bearings play a vital role in maintaining the stability of motorcycles. By providing reliable support and minimizing vibrations, quality track bearings enhance rider safety and overall control of the motorcycle.

4. Our Company’s Leading Track Bearings

Our company is a market leader in the motorcycle track bearing industry in China, known for our high-quality products and exceptional service. We offer a wide range of track bearings, including servo reducers, plastic gearboxes, gear motors, worm gearboxes, worm wheels, and worm reducers.

With state-of-the-art automatic CNC production equipment and assembly facilities, we ensure the precision and reliability of our track bearings. Our commitment to delivering superior products, competitive prices, and attentive service sets us apart from the competition.


In conclusion, track bearings are essential components in motorcycle track systems, providing stability, durability, and precise motion control. Choosing high-quality track bearings is crucial for optimal performance, safety, and an enhanced riding experience. As a leading company in the industry, we are dedicated to providing top-notch track bearings and exceptional customer satisfaction. Contact us today for customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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