Track bearings applications

Track Bearings Applications

Track bearings, also known as track rollers, are essential components used in various industries for efficient movement and support. These versatile bearings find applications in a wide range of equipment and systems, providing reliable performance and durability.

1. Introduction to Track Bearings

Track bearings are designed to accommodate radial loads and axial loads while rolling on a track or rail. They are commonly used in material handling equipment, conveyor systems, and agricultural machinery.

2. Types of Track Bearings

There are several types of track bearings available on the market, including:

  • V-Groove Track Bearings
  • Cam Follower Track Bearings
  • Yoke Type Track Bearings
  • Stud Type Track Bearings
  • Flanged Track Bearings

3. V-Groove Track Bearings

V-Groove track bearings are commonly used in applications where linear motion is required. They have a V-shaped groove on the outer ring, which allows them to ride on a track or rail with minimal friction.

4. Cam Follower Track Bearings

Cam follower track bearings, also known as track followers, are designed to follow the contour of a cam or track. They are often used in cam mechanisms, indexing devices, and various motion control applications.

5. Yoke Type Track Bearings

Yoke type track bearings feature an inner ring with a hardened and ground raceway, allowing them to withstand heavy loads. They are commonly used in forklifts, cranes, and other heavy-duty equipment.

6. Stud Type Track Bearings

Stud type track bearings have a stud protruding from the outer ring, allowing them to be mounted directly onto a mating surface. They are widely used in applications such as cam followers, conveyor systems, and linear motion guides.

7. Flanged Track Bearings

Flanged track bearings have an additional flange on the outer ring, providing extra support and stability. They are commonly used in applications where axial guidance is required, such as linear slides and guide wheels.

8. Applications of Track Bearings

Track bearings find extensive applications in various industries, including:

  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Construction Equipment
  • Automotive Industry

8.1 Material Handling Equipment

In material handling equipment, track bearings are used in conveyor belts, chain conveyors, and roller conveyors. They provide smooth and efficient movement, ensuring the seamless transfer of goods.

8.2 Conveyor Systems

Track bearings play a vital role in conveyor systems, enabling the movement of goods along the conveyor belt. They provide low friction and high load capacity, ensuring reliable operation and minimal downtime.

8.3 Agricultural Machinery

In the agricultural sector, track bearings are used in farming equipment such as harvesters, tractors, and combine harvesters. They facilitate smooth movement and help withstand heavy loads in challenging terrains.

8.4 Construction Equipment

Construction equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, and cranes, rely on track bearings for efficient movement and support. These bearings ensure stability and durability, even in rugged construction sites.

8.5 Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, track bearings are utilized in vehicle suspension systems, steering mechanisms, and powertrain components. They provide reliable performance and contribute to a comfortable driving experience.


Track bearings are essential components used in a wide range of applications, providing efficient movement and support. From material handling equipment to automotive systems, these bearings ensure reliable performance and durability. Companies like ours, a leading player in the Chinese reducer market, offer a wide range of high-quality track bearings, servo reducers, plastic gearboxes, and more. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Contact us today to experience our superior products, competitive prices, and exceptional service.

Track Bearings Applications

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